4 Healthy Foods That Could Spoil Your intentions to lose pounds fast

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A lot of people ingest what they think is healthy food when they make the decision to lose pounds fast. Their intentions can be good, but if you are consuming these foods enumerated below, your actions can sabotage your efforts to lose pounds fast.

# 1 Fruits?

This is very controversial, but fruits are not for all. At least not immediately. Fruits are rich in sugar and for the person, who is overweight, can, in reality, do him more damage than good in terms of losing pounds. If you consume fruits it is better to do it at breakfast time.

# 2 whole grain cookies?

All carbohydrates decompose into sugar and cause breaks of insulin. The whole grains have more fiber and delay the process. The whole grain cookies have carbohydrates processed. And generally, they do not have a lot of fiber.

# 3 fruit juice?

The juice of fruits can seem healthy if we take into account the alternatives, like the sodas and other drinks on the market today. However, when you put attention into what really is in the fruit juice, you will learn quickly that it is not so good for you. The fiber of the fruit is eliminated during the process of extraction of the juice, which as a consequence, more calories are stored as fat in your body. If you want to lose pounds it is better to make your own fruit extract.

# 4  small portions during the day?

This, in my personal opinion, a stupid idea that is bad for your diet plan… If I am hungry, these small meals will only satisfy me until I become hungry again. The majority of the people that eat this way will return feeling hungrier than before in a small amount of time.

In conclusion, what we really have to understand and comprehend is that our health is above all else, and if we want to lose weight, we need to do it in a responsible way.

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