Best Ways to Lose Weight – Rev up Your Metabolism

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If you’re looking for easy ways to lose weight, then you have come to the right place. This is something that I get asked regularly by readers of this blog.

Unfortunately, there is some terrible advice about the best ways to lose weight, causing some people to actually gain weight rather than lose it.

Well in this article, you’re going to learn the easiest way to lose weight quickly, and that is, of course, to speed up your metabolism. Some of you know what metabolism means, but if you don’t, I’ll bring you up to speed 😉

Your Metabolism or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) refers to the energy that your body needs to keep functioning. This can be measured by the amount of oxygen breathed and the levels of carbon dioxide breathed out. People with faster metabolisms naturally burn more calories than people with slow ones. So how can we go about increasing this?

Well, I’m glad you asked because raising your BMR really is the easiest way to lose weight. Probably one of the best ways to lose weight by raising your metabolism is to start packing on muscle.

Muscle requires more energy than fat, which is probably why you see bodybuilders shoveling food down their bodies all day, but are not overweight.

So how do you go packing on muscle? Well, the best way is obviously strength training. Strength training differs from cardio though, because you do not need to spend nearly as much time in the gym and the results are far more emphatic.

When you are strength training, you’ll be training very intensely for about 45 mins to 1 hour, and you should do this about 3 times per week.

Other easy ways to lose weight via increasing your metabolism include consuming foods that have high levels of iron in them. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen around your body to muscles, which burn fat. Therefore, eat lots of lean meat, cereals, and shellfish.

Vitamin D is also a great way to rev up your metabolism. Very few US citizens get enough vitamin D in their diet, which could be a reason why obesity is so high. Vitamin D rich foods include tuna, eggs, milk and in particular, salmon.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to lose weight by speeding up your metabolism is to actually drink plenty of milk.

Research has shown that a lack of calcium in your diet can lead to a slower metabolism, however by drinking full-fat milk, you’re kinda defeating the object!

Therefore, aim to drink fat-free milk, as this still has the calcium without the extra calories.

Now, rather unsurprisingly, you should drink a lot of water if you want to know easy ways to lose weight. Water is great for weight loss, because it is calorie free, and the this also acts as a temporary appetite suppressor. Aim to drink around 10 glasses of water per day, especially if you are on fat burners.

Now that brings me to probably the easiest way to lose weight. In this article, I have mentioned natural methods to speed up your metabolism, but if you want to cheat, and really rev up your metabolism, then you may be interested in trying fat burners.

Fat burners are specifically designed to turn your body into a fat burning furnace, by slightly raising the temperature of your body. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and many bodybuilders invest in fat burners in order to slim down fast when they come out of their off-season.

If you want to cheat your way thin, then I recommend you check out my Phen375 review. I provide a no BS review of this fat burner and expose what the makers didn’t tell you.


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