Does Phen375 Really Work? The Facts Findings

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Having celebrated the first day of 2017 this week, my mind turns to the inevitable resolutions that so many make. Did you make a resolution to become fitter, to lose weight, to be healthier? If so, you are one of many who wishes to focus on weight loss. In January, many storms to the local gym in pursuit of shedding the pounds.

The treadmills fly, the weights are lifted, spinning classes are packed, but soon despondency sets in. Why? The answer is that it is human nature to need to see results. We need to see the weight loss quickly or we lose hope. Well, if this is you, then Phen375 is for you.

What is Phen375?

Phen375 is a diet pill that burns fat and suppresses the appetite. You will experience weight loss even without a radical change in your diet and exercise routine. This then gives you hope and the time to establish that sound eating pattern and exercise routine that will keep the weight off once you have finished the course.

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Phentemine375 (Phen375) is an extremely effective diet tablet available without a prescription. The original Phentermine375 was a chemical pill and caused major side effects. However, Phen375 has successfully reduced the side effects by using 100% natural ingredients and now has FDA approval. The natural ingredients mean that it is is available without the prescription.

But what exactly are these ingredients?

In a nutshell, each Phen375 pill contains:

  • L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%: 382 mg
  • Calcium Carbonate 36% Grain: 149 mg
  • Chromium Picolinate 12% 1 mg
  • Citrus Aurantium 10% Trit 125 mg
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous 75 mg
  • Long Jack Tongkat Ali Root 40 mg
  • Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G 20 mg

What are the advantages of these ingredients?

Each of the above ingredients has been promoted as a weight loss booster in the past, but the advantage of Phen375 is that it combines these ingredients into one pill. This produces a super-sonic product that promotes all ways that the body can speed-up weight loss. Each pill:

  • is an appetite suppressant
  • is a metabolism enhancer
  • is a regulator of blood-sugar levels
  • makes storing fat difficult
  • makes burning fat easier.

Your health will improve as the toxins are purged through Phen375’s diuretic effect; the weight loss leads to less stress on your heart, and your weight carrying joints (knees, hips, and spine) will start to cope again. You will feel years younger and will want to, and be able to, exercise again.

Are there any disadvantages?

Any diet tablet should be taken with caution and you should check with your Doctor before embarking on a diet and a radical lifestyle change. In certain cases, you will find that Phen375 is not suitable for you due to your health situation (particularly heart, liver, blood pressure and kidney conditions) or your mental state (past drug or alcohol dependence). You could also be one of the few who experiences mild side effects such as:

  • Mild dizziness
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Loose stools
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate

But these side effects are fairly infrequent as Phen375 uses only natural ingredients to promote weight loss.

What dosage should be followed and how long does the course last?

If you are scared that the Phen375 course is hard to follow, discard your anxieties. The Phen375 weight loss program is as simple as one tablet before breakfast, followed by one tablet before lunch. The course can be followed up to three months after which you should take a break of at least a month.

Is a Phen375 pill all there is to weight loss?

It is important to remember that Phen375 on its own will not be as effective as using it combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. This means to see lasting results does require some effort on your behalf. But Phen375 helps to make the effort much easier.

However, if you follow the 30-day diet plan that comes with any three-month supply of Phen375, you should find that once you have lost the weight, and have been following a sound eating program, your weight will stabilize and you will no longer need to pop the pill.

The key to losing weight is to burn up more calories than you consume – not an easy task in today’s hectic lifestyle where sleep is short, work is stressful and the food is often greasy processed take outs eaten in a rush and washed down with a fizzy sugary soda. This is not an easy cycle to break but Phen375 will give you the jump on breaking this habit.

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You will want to improve your diet; you will start feeling good about yourself; you will then want to exercise. Soon you will be exercising and dining (sensibly) knowing that people will look at you with envy. This new lifestyle cycle will happily replace the old obesity lifestyle and you can then do away with the tablets and let the healthy lifestyle take over.

If you do happen to slip up and drift to your old eating habits, simply start Phen375 again and you will soon be back on track to the physical being that you have always wanted to be.

What Are Other People Saying?

There are hundreds of positive testimonials who are satisfied with Phen375. Here are some of them:

 I had so much energy and the best part is it completely suppressed my appetite. The thing I love about Phen375 is it isnt just a pill, they offer you a complete diet plan, it takes the total guess work out of the diet and the best part is it actually WORKS!! – Danielle, Canada, May 2012

Combining Phen375 with a healthy diet and physical exercise I have managed to loose 6.5 stone going from 20 stone to my current 13.5. Overall I am very happy with the product and even though it is expensive the reason for this is because it works UK, September 2013

I took PHEN375 for 1.5 months and I lost about 8 lbs WITHOUT exercising. I still need to lose another 7-8 lbs to be at my ideal weight but the supply I got was only for that length of time. I wish I wouldve purchased the 90-day supply. Its a better deal overall. I will try it again but this time Im going to complement it with exercising. My plan is to lose 8 lbs more in 4 weeks with exercising which is a realistic goal. – CS, California, May 2011

Phen375 customer reviews

Of course, as with every purchase, if you look hard enough you are going to find someone that didn’t like something about the product.

I found out that there is a minority who complained that the product does not work. But take note that some of them used it for less than a month and made the comments.

Generally, most customers are satisfied with the product though.

For more real testimonials, you may visit here.

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

The great thing about Phen375 is that it comes with a return guarantee. If the weight loss is not happening for you, you can return the Phen375 product within 45 days from the date of purchase. This shows just how confident the producers of Phen375 are about their product does what they say it will do. However, be careful where you purchase your Phen375 if you want to have this guarantee. Read more on the return guarantee FAQ over here.

Where Do I Purchase It?

If you are hoping to meander down to your local pharmacy and return with a month’s supply of Phen375, you are going to be disappointed. In order to ensure that you receive the real product and not an ineffectual rip-off product, you must visit the official Phen375 website ( and order your supply through this website.

You will also find a list of the many countries in the world to which Phen375 is distributed. I would advise that you choose the package that includes the 30-day menu diet plan book and start your weight loss program the recommended way.

My conclusion?

If you battle with obesity and implementing that New Year’s resolution to be a slimmer and healthier you, visit the Phen375 website and follow its weight loss course with confidence.

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