Good Fat Burning Exercises Effective and No Gym Equipment Needed

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Good exercising will not work so well if your diet will not support it. The key to exercising to lose weight is twofold, and the first idea to keep in mind that as you burn off the fat, you want to replace it with muscle as much as you can. So get in the habit of throwing off the carbs and sugar, get into the habit of eating lots of fruit and veggies and protein, such as lean chicken, fish, and eggs.


All of the exercises can be done without gym equipment, although if you want to get some dumb bells it will be ok.

Start with abdominal crunches. There is no need to do the full situp because it wastes energy. The goal is to burn fat, and the crunch will contract those abdominal muscles well. Get to the point where you can do 25, the 50, then 100 in one session.

Pushups, and if you are a lady, do the pushups from the knees touching the ground rather than your toes. Get to the point where you can do 25 in one session, rest, then do another 25.

Jogging in place for 30 minutes. I guarantee you if you are not in shape, this will be tough at first. Do this on a softer surface, like a carpet, or a cork or gym floor. This will help your cardio and your weight loss.

Jump rope. This is one of the best exercises because you have to be alert, and your coordination will greatly improve from jumping rope. Start out just by jumping rope for just one minute. If you have not jumped rope since you were a child, this will be a long minute. Work up to a 5 minute in length for your jumping time, the get to the point where you are doing 2 5 minute sets.

Steps Using one stepper, for ten-minute intervals, is tougher than you think. This also will work your cardio, but you are burning calories with all of these, plus building muscle.

Walking is a great exercise, if not the greatest. First of all find a safe place to walk, like a mall or a protected area where there is little to no traffic. Stay off of the highways and byways, because it is just too easy for a motorist to make a mistake. Get to the point with your walking where you walk a mile out, and walk a mile back. If you are on a track, work out how many laps it takes to walk a mile and do it that way.

Any exercise where you work up a sweat for a prolonged time is going to burn calories for you. Calculate how many calories you burn, for example when you are jumping rope and equate that to how many calories it takes to lose a pound, and there you have your formula to lose weight. Write it down and you can do it!

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