How to Lose Weight Without Exercise 3 Guaranteed Steps

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Whilst we all know the benefits of exercise, I get a lot of emails from people who want to learn how to lose weight without exercise. Now initially I thought “you’re lazy, just get out and get in the gym!” However the problem is that some people are just so busy, they simply don’t have the time to exercise!

If you want to learn how to lose weight without exercising, then this article is for you. You see, whether you’re too busy, or you just can’t say no to food, that’s ok. You can lose weight without hitting the gym or doing hours of cardio. It may happen a bit slower, but it can happen, so read on to learn more.

Get off Your Backside

A study was carried out recently that assessed how full people fill after eating. The first group was told to eat a meal whilst watching TV or playing on the computer, whilst the other group had to turn off their screens and focus solely on their food.

The result? The people who watched TV felt significantly less full up than the other group.

What does this mean for you? Well, the less full up you feel, the more you are going to want to eat. The more you eat, the more calories you consume, and if you consume more calories than you burn, then you’re not going to lose weight. Period.

Also, if you want to learn how to lose weight without exercise, then you should walk about a little more. I remember I used to take my vehicle to visit my friend’s house when I only lived 5 minutes’ walk away!

By walking, not only are you going to be burning calories quicker, but you’ll also save money on gas, so you’re killing two birds with one stone!

Start Drinking Like a Thirsty Camel

I mention this a lot on my website, and this is still one of the best ways to lose weight without exercising. Water contains no calories, whereas basically, every other drink does. If you’re drinking lots of fizzy drinks or alcohol, all you’re doing is consuming a LOT of empty calories. This is very bad, as empty calories do not fill you up, and only add to your waistline.

Water helps to flush out excess water weight in your body as well, so you’ll naturally drop a few pounds just this way. Also, water helps to raise your metabolism. The only downside is that you’ll be needing the toilet a lot more than usual!

Start Getting 8 Hours Sleep

Now I guess you’re thinking what the heck sleeping does when learning how to lose weight without exercise, however, there is science behind this.

Let me explain. A study conducted recently showed that people who slept for just 5 hours felt increased hunger, higher levels of fat retention and a lack of energy.

All this results in these people needing more food to function. Therefore, if you aim for 8 hours sleep per day, you won’t encounter any of these problems, meaning you’ll eat a lot less.


Now I know some of you simply want a surefire way to trim body fat in the quickest way possible. Well, don’t we all! Luckily for you, there is such a thing called fat burners, and if used correctly, fat burners aid to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite, turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

So how to fat burners work? They use a method called thermogenic fat burner, which means increasing the temperature of your body safely, which in turns helps your body to burn and extra 100-200 calories per day. This will make you want to drink more water than usual, but that’s ok especially because water is great for weight loss!

The problem is, most fat burners are simply junk and do not give you any pointers as to how to maximize your success with them. This is where Phen375 is light years ahead of all other fat burners.

Along with the many success stories, Phen375 comes with tailored diet plans which are based on your gender and how active you are, meaning even if you aren’t a fitness freak, you can still get great results if you follow their plan.


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