Phen375 Fat Burner What The Makers Didn’t Tell You

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Hi, I’m Alan  Welcome to my Phen375 website, a site totally dedicated to providing readers with the popular fat burning product.

The reason why I set this site up was that I came across dozens of crappy Phen375 reviews and websites that were total garbage and clearly written by people who had no idea about the product.

Let me assure you that your search for a genuine Phen375 review is over because you this is just what you’re looking for. I’m going to tell all about this product, both good and bad, and by the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not this product is for you.

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So let’s now waste any more time and get straight into it!

“Phen375 Snapshot”


Product Creator: RDK Global


Price: $65.95-$263.80

Delivery Method: Postage

Any Bonuses?: A Tailored Diet Plan based on gender and activity level

What is Phen375?

That’s the perfect question to ask me! From reading various phen375 reviews and from studying the official website, the goal of this fat burner is to suppress your appetite, whilst raising your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories even when resting.

The makers of Phen375 have a very strong reputation for producing excellent health products since they formed 8 years ago and claim that the combination of 6 key ingredients can achieve the aim of the product, which also includes raising your energy levels, so you no longer feel lethargic and tired.

So What are these 6 Magical Ingredients Then?

phen375 ingredientsPatience people! You know, I have seen some Phen375 reviews that don’t even mention these 6 ingredients, which is terrible, especially because you are going to be ingesting these whilst you are on the course! Fear not though, brothers and sisters, as I’m going to list each one, and tell you what they do, without the medical mumbo-jumbo.

Calcium (carbonate) – fosters a more efficient heart contraction. This promotes a more efficient distribution of all the ingredients contained in the pills throughout the body through stronger blood flows. In addition, the presence of Calcium in your body makes it more difficult to store fat. A study showed that calcium favors fat burning i.e. the more calcium there is in your fat cell, the more fat it will burn. See

Chromium (Picolinate) – Besides working with insulin to keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels normal, together they process carbohydrates to supply you with more energy. With this, you are still losing fat and weight even if you are resting or not following any diet plan at all. Not only this, you’ll feel more oomph as well. See: Chromium helps control blood sugar, curbs carb cravings and fights body fat.

L-carnitine is an agent that ships the fatty acids in the blood to the mitochondria – the exact place in the cells whereby they are “burned” to produce energy. In addition, some studies show this ingredient may increase lean mass. This means to say you’ll still have a solid and firm body muscle instead of saggy skin like many of those who are gone through extreme weight loss.

Citrus Aurantium is bitter orange. This is one compound that I’m still scratching my head about what role does it play in the fat loss. After many online searches, I’m still not able to find any researchers or studies on its ability to promote weight reduction.

The only reason I can think of is maybe at the present moment, it is the most used thermogenic substitute for the banned ephedra that has stimulant and appetite suppressant effects to help decrease appetite, but linked to many serious side effects.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous is well-known for its thermogenic properties that can help with the burning of fats. Its role is to make your body produce more epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two hormones prompt your body to dissolve more fat and make it available as one of the energy source. This is a strong catalyst for those who have no will power to exercise or adhere to low-calorie meal plans.

One thing that really amazes me is the pill contains 75mg of this substance, which is more or less equivalent to the caffeine in a cup of coffee. This is just right to make it work but not much enough to cause side effects.

LongJack Tongkat Ali Root (Eurycoma) – its main function is to help your body produce more testosterone hormone which is required to strengthen and keep your muscle mass, to ensure that while losing weight with Phen375, you shed fat but not muscle.

Cayenne (Capsicum) – Cayenne (Chili) is the fruit of Capsicum plant. It is included in the formulation mainly because it contains an active component called capsaicin. It is a very potent substance that can shrink a hunger-causing hormone called ghrelin, thus diminishing your appetite. You should be able to find compared with before; your urge to eat is now easily satisfied even by consuming a smaller portion of foods.

Is That It?

Well, look who’s being cheeky now! Again, dozens of Phen375 reviews I’ve read just don’t go into any sort of depth and talk absolute trash.

Well, not this one! When you order this fat burner, you are also given a diet plan booklet so you know what sort of food you should eat for even quicker fat loss. But it gets better.

As not everyone is the same, the diet plan offers different types of diet (active/inactive male, active/inactive female) so even if you don’t have time to exercise, then you can still lose weight quickly so long as you follow the diet plan.

What are Users of Phen375 Saying?

Phen375 ResultsI have been using Phen375 and it seems to be amazing! I am already down 15 lbs in just under three weeks! Just wanted to thank you guys since there are so many scam websites out there! Also, appreciate the fact that you don’t have any type of auto pay on my credit card monthly. I hate hidden fees.  Thanks, Phen375 . . . 
Mark, United Kingdom, August 2010

Could this shipment be rushed asap? I purchased the single bottle and it works! Yeeeaaa lost 7 lbs, I am getting married in three months and need to lose another 25-30 lbs before then so the sooner I receive this shipment, the sooner I can begin my dietary/exercise plan.
Raquel, Texas, September 2010

In the first 3 days, I lost 5lbs. In 52 days I lost 21lbs.

I’ve taken almost everything. Hydroxycut Hardcore, Xenadrine, Animal Cuts, Lipo 6 Black, you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

So of course, I was skeptical. I have no problems saying this: Phen375 is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST FAT BURNER I’VE EVER TRIED. The first 3 days, I lost 5lbs. I started mid-January and total, in just 52 days, I have lost 21lbs.

I changed my diet, during the week and I cheated a little on the weekends, but I STILL lost weight! It was worth every dollar spent. Thanks!

Ivan, California, March 2010

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Beware! Read This Phen375 Warning!

Whether or not you decide to buy Phen375, you should read this if you want to avoid getting ripped off.

You see, I came across 2 specific Phen375 reviews that were not linking to the official site, and were actually linking to a 3rd party website. I know this because I spoke to a girl in California who bought from this site and instead of receiving the product, she just got a bottle full of water!

I thoroughly recommend you purchase from the manufacturer’s website, otherwise, you may not get the product and you will not claim access to ANY of the bonuses they provide.

==>Click HERE to go to the Official Phen375 site<==

This brings me to the end of my Phen375 review. You should now know whether or not you want to buy this fat burner. If you want to lose weight today, even if you don’t have time to exercise, you need to take action!


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