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This is my personal phen375 review. I decided to write this review after my experience of trying to find real phen375 customer reviews. All reviews I looked at were trying to sell me something or just seemed fake*.

I needed to lose 14 pounds. I had always managed to maintain a weight I was comfortable with (note – I have never been interested in being ‘skinny’ or super slim. I don’t consider it healthy for me). I like my curves, but after reaching my 30’s my curves got a little out of control. It kinda crept up on me, and over a few years I just ballooned up and looked all puffy. I knew I had become too heavy when one summers day I was wearing a short dress, which was the first time I had wore a dress since my weight gain. By the end of the day my chubby thighs had chaffed so much and become so sore I couldn’t walk for days. Enough was enough! I needed to lose weight.


I joined the gym and worked out 4 nights a week for an hour. I reduced my calorie intake. After 2 month of doing this I lost a whopping 3lbs.

So, I tried the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, 5:2 diet, 9:1 diet, high carb, low carb, apple diet… you name it, I tried it. After 6 months of trying and hardly losing anything, the only thing that seemed to work was starvation and putting my body into ketosis. I DO NOT THINK THIS IS HEALTHY AT ALL! This is not the way to lose weight and frankly after a couple of weeks, I’d put the weight back on and then some. I did read that during ketosis, you are losing mainly water anyway.

I like food so starvation isn’t an option. At least not without the aid of some appetite suppressant.

Do diet pills work?

Yes they do, kinda. It’s at this point I looked towards diet pills and wondering ‘do diet pills work’. I had become so desperate to lose weight, as at this point I had put back on the original 3 pound I had lost and then some. I didn’t understand what was going on and wondering the validity of if diet pills work. I don’t normally buy into diet pills or weight loss fads and never really believed diet pills worked, but after experiencing desperation to lose weight, I understand why people turn to them……. READ MORE OF MY PHEN375 REVIEW BELOW….

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Does Phen375 work?

Yes. I looked at many weight loss pills, but the one that worked was phen375. I wanted to know if phen375 would really work for me. Phen375 seemed to work because many celebrities have put their name to it, and have claimed to have lost weight by using phen375. Does Phen375 work? Well, they were even reviewing phen375! Could they really be giving real 375 reviews? Could Phen375 work? I thought so as their reputation is at stake. Phen375 is also an appetite suppressant and fat burner rolled into one. Now, I am a rational human being, and I know these celebrities are paid to endorse these weight loss products. I know celebrity weight loss is big business. But they still lost weight and I wanted that for myself.


Phen375 reviews

Finding real phen375 reviews was difficult, hence why I have added my Phen375 review here. But after researching the science behind it, I decided to buy phen375 after reading a couple of legit looking phen375 reviews.

After a few days of taking phen375 I started to feel euphoric but I didn’t noticed much weight loss. I was still working out as well as eating sensibly, so I decided to look at those Phen375 reviews again. What I noticed the most was the insane amounts of energy I had, I got so much done! In 3 weeks, I had fixed all the DIY chores in the house that I had put off for months, redecorated my living room, worked 40 hours overtime (paid for living room redecoration lol!) and worked out a ton. It wasn’t until after the first week that I noticed dramatic weight loss with phen375. It felt so good I had to make a Phen375 review.


Does Phen375 work for weight loss?

Does phen375 work for weight loss? Well, 2 weeks after buying phen375, I lost almost 7 lbs! I could not believe it. It has taken me 2 weeks to do what nearly 9 months of hard slog and pain couldn’t! After another month I reached my weight lost goal of 14 lbs!!!!!!! That’s when I stopped taking phen375 and decided to leave my phen375 review. Does Phen375 work for weight loss? For me it did.

Phen375 side effects

So that should be that right? Well not exactly. Phen375 has some side effects. I would not claim phen375 to be a miracle weight loss pill at all. Phen375 has side some funky side effects. For me, my Phen375 side effects were I got mild insomnia (though not every night, normally about twice a week). Here’s my TMI side effect moment, I had to go to the bathroom a LOT more. I needed to drink a lot of water or else I’d get dehydration headaches, which I think must be from the caffeine. Yes, Phen375 has side effects.

Sometimes these phen375 side effects became quite irritating. It’s because of this I wouldn’t flat out recommend phen375 in this review. Coming off the phen375 tablets, I experienced some other side effects like tiredness for about 2 days. I felt I could sleep for ages.

Should I take Phen375?

If you are wondering if you should take Phen375, then I would say that phen375 is suitable for SOME people, there are side effects to Phen375. If you have the mindset of ‘no pain no gain’, then you can reconcile the fact that you will get some irritating phen375 side effects. Phen375 side effects included insomnia, euphoria, need the bathroom more often to name a few. But phen375 isn’t a magic weight loss pill, and again, there are Phen375 side effects. I still had to work out and eat right. Phen375 does work – at least for me, it worked extremely well. But it really isn’t for everyone.

Does Phen375 work?

Does phen375 work? Yes, kinda. Phen375 worked to help me lose weight that just wasn’t going no matter what I did. So yeah, for me Phen375 worked. Would I recommend phen375? Yes and no. Only if you have tried all other natural methods of weight loss and are getting nowhere and only if you are prepared for the phen375 side effects. Phen375 can work, but it’s no for everyone. LEAVE YOUR REAL PHEN375 REVIEW BELOW IN THE COMMENTS.



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