Tackle the causes that lead to obesity and lose weight in the process

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How did obese people get to where they are? Through eating, how much ever they may deny it. There may be instances where a medical problem has led to excess body fat. But if there was a control on what was eaten and exercise done regularly, the pounds would not have piled on. Also if the medical condition was treated with the right kind of medication it would not cause weight gain.

Health problems could lead to obesity

The key to weight loss is to find out the reason behind being obese. An obese person should get a number of laboratory tests done from a blood sample for the following conditions:

  • 2001and2006Functioning of the thyroid. An under active thyroid or an overactive thyroid can cause a person to eat more or even gain weight when on medication for this condition.
  • Bad cholesterol. If this is above 150 it shows that the wrong kinds of foods are being eaten, which inevitably cause weight gain.
  • High triglycerides. If the figure is beyond the accepted range (will be written next to your results) then it shows that the diet is not right.
  • Diabetes. A three-month average of blood glucose levels can be measured by a single test from a sample of blood. Diabetes can make a person hungry and eat more.

If any of the above conditions are present, along with high blood pressure or in isolation, seek medical help to correct it. It is all the more important to follow a proper diet for weight loss and eat only healthy food. Talk to a nutritionist at the hospital where you are getting treated for your health problem, and determine the right kind of diet.

Watch out for emotional eating

Did you reach out for a packet of Pringles when things did not go right for you? If the answer is yes then you could be a binge eater. Emotions trigger eating. It could be gorging on pastries, emptying a jar of cookies, or even drinking a lot of soda in a day. Try to analyze your own life and find out the causes of binge eating.

See a counselor if your problems seem insurmountable. Be assured that there is no problem that cannot be solved. It is only our perspective and thoughts that have to be changed and everything will fall into place.

Take time out for yourself

Make time to do the things you like – on your own. Even a walk by oneself can rejuvenate and energize. Join fun dance classes or aerobics or get involved in any sport that you are interested in. Once the focus is on you, then automatically you will make the effort to lose weight and take care of yourself.  

Diet and Exercise count too

Both these have to be factored into your lifestyle. Cooking at home can be therapeutic and healthy. There are a whole lot of healthy variations for serving vegetables and meat. Keep experimenting and innovating to discover the importance of healthy eating.

Exercising need not be a chore but something that is enjoyable. Change your routine every day. Alternate between cardio, strength training, walking, cycling, and swimming. Walk from the car park to your office and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get up from your desk every hour and walk around your room. Move while talking on the mobile. These are small steps that all add up to increase your metabolism and can help you lose weight.

Supplements are a good thing 

Take a course of vitamins. Sometimes our diets do not give us adequate minerals and these have to be supplemented with pills. Diet supplement reviews are talking about phen375 tablets that can assist weight loss if one takes it regularly at least for three months. These tabs have to be taken twice a day. They help in breaking down fat and have been certified as safe to take without any serious phen375 side effects. It also acts as an appetite suppressant which means that one does not feel like eating all the time.

Read up the phen375 customer reviews to find out the different experiences people have had. Almost all report a sense of well-being and losing a significant amount of weight. Some testimonials also talk about the positive spin offs they have had after taking phen375. Buy only from the genuine website and check out their attractive deals.


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