The 3 Major Weight Loss Management Issues and Challenges

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In losing weight, we try to maintain a strict diet to keep ourselves disciplined. Weight loss management helps us in regulating our eating habits. As much as we can, we try to avoid eating certain food and we limit our food intake so as to keep our self-control so we wouldn’t backslide and go back to bad eating habits.

However, there are certain situations that somehow put our self-discipline in jeopardy. These are times when we think to ourselves if we should or shouldn’t give in. Most of this situations are the ones where social influences have a strong effect on us. And when we feel the pressure and stress, we become vulnerable to the temptations.

So what are these weight loss management situations that challenge our self-control? How do we handle these situations?

No need to panic, we got you covered. Below are the 3 major weight loss management challenges with some tips on how to deal with each situation. Read on!

Weight Loss Management Challenge # 1: Eating Out on a Date

Some men say they like a girl with a healthy appetite. They find girls who eat without worry more upbeat and fun. Girls are very self-conscious when it comes to weight issues. But what can you do if the man brings you to a burger or pizza joint? What will you respond if he asks you “Is that all you’re eating? But you’re so thin!” or “Come on, order something else, you must be starving.” How will you respond to those questions without sounding like a snobbish health-nut? Personally, I think it’s best, to be honest. Tell him you’re self-conscious about your weight and you’re trying to practice some self-control. If that doesn’t work for you, then tell him you’re having health problems and eating something that’s not recommended may increase the chances of illnesses surfacing. Tell him you can also eat a lot if you want, but for the moment, you’re trying to avoid some food to prevent more health complications.

Weight Loss Management Challenge # 2: Family Affairs

Family members have a huge impact on our lives, especially those who have close-knit families. Our parents, especially our mothers tend to worry why you’re eating so little. And siblings might tease and taunt you and it gets on your nerves sometimes. If your mom cooks, she’ll be disappointed and may think that you don’t like her cooking anymore if you don’t bring the usual appetite that you used to have on the dinner table. When faced with this dilemma, it’s easier to tell them the health reasons why you’re trying to lose weight. Tell them that even though you don’t look ill, there’s a very high probability of you developing heart disease if you eat more than what’s recommended. Feeling concerned for your well-being, they will surely understand why you’re trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Management Challenge # 3: Occasions, Events, and Gatherings

During occasions such as birthdays and weddings, we get surrounded by so many scrumptious dishes that we feel so tempted to eat more than we should. We tell ourselves, “It’s just this one time anyway!” or “It wouldn’t hurt to reward myself with a big meal after all the strict dieting!” If you have solid self-control, then it may be fine for you. But if you’re still trying to cope up with your new eating habits, it’s best not to eat a lot, or you might having control issues and difficulties again later on. This situation is probably the hardest because you’re not fighting social influences; this battle happens inside your mind! What you can do here is just eat what you need, then stay away from the dinner tables. Keep yourself busy by talking to other guests and meeting new people. Having conversations will keep you from getting yourself another round of desserts.

We hope that these suggestions will help you when you face these situations. We all know that weight loss management does not stop when you’ve achieved your goal of losing a specific number of pounds. It goes on as you try to maintain that weight and not gain back the pounds that you lost. Keep the will and the determination; stay in shape!


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