The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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2001and2006This is the diet plan I followed before my wedding and I lost 4 dress sizes! I got this plan from a friend of mine who is a female bodybuilder. She told me that bodybuilders have several diet plans they follow depending on if they are trying to bulk up (gain muscle) or lean down (trim fat).
She knew I was trying to lose weight as fast as possible for my big day and she gave me this plan. This is the plan that she and her other bodybuilding friends follow in the few months and weeks before a competition when they have to drastically reduce their body fat quickly!
She told me that yes it isn’t really a diet but an eating plan that will speed up your metabolism so it can automatically burn the fat off you. I said, Great! That’s exactly what I need!. She warned me! It IS NOT a fad diet. This will WORK but you cannot do this for more than 8 weeks. After that you should take a break for a few weeks then if you need to you can start again.

Yes, this worked for me and countless bodybuilders looking to reduce body fat. Bodybuilders are the experts at dieting and exercise, so I thought, why not follow their eating plan and just don’t do the gross huge muscle building part?

  • This is not a low carbohydrate fad diet
  • You cannot do this for an extended period of time. After 8 weeks stop, eat normally, the resume if you need to.
  • You will NOT be hungry. You will eat a lot of food but it will be filling, very filling and low in calories!


1. Drink 1 gallon of water each day
2. No sugar
3. No Dairy
4. No Fruits
5. No carbs after 4:00 PM
6. No sauces, except hot sauce
4:00 PM is the magic number. No carbs after that time because your body will not have enough time to burn them off. What it can’t burn off, it stores as fat!

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The Eating Plan

6:00 AM

1 Protein shake
2 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)
1 Multi-vitamin

8:30 AM

6 egg whites
1 cup oatmeal

11:00 AM

6 oz. chicken
3 oz. potato
1 cup greens

2:00 PM

6 oz. chicken
3 oz. potato
1 cup greens

4:30 PM

1 Protein shake
2 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)

7:00 PM

8 oz. chicken (can have 6 oz. lean beef)
2 cups greens

9:30 PM

8 oz. chicken (can have 6 oz. lean beef)
2 cups greens


1 Protein shake

A Few Notes

  • If you can’t start eating at 6:00 AM it’s ok. Just keep the time between meals the same.
  • You can switch meals. In other words, you can have the 8:30 AM mean at 6:00 AM and the 6:00 AM meal at 8:30 AM
  • DO NOT miss a meal!!!!! This will slow down your metabolism! You want to keep it running at a high level!
  • Do some sort of cardiovascular exercise (walking at a brisk pace is EXCELLENT), this also speeds up your metabolism.

This will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. However, everyone’s system is different. This may speed it up but not enough because that’s just how your body operates. To supercharge your system and really get the weight burning off your belly, legs and everywhere, COMBINE THE DIET WITH OTHER METABOLIC ENHANCERS. Phen375 have had good results with many people. I personally used Phen375 along with this eating plan and lost 4 dress sizes.
With this diet, the walking and the metabolic enhancers, you will attack the fat from three different directions. There is no way that you will NOT lose weight. It is scientifically proven, the faster your metabolism, the faster you burn stored energy which is FAT!

This works. I know it. You will NEVER be hungry and you WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT FAST!

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